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And seriously, Parisiennes, you will only have to ask us once and we'll head across the pond to shoot your French, English, Ireland, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, etc. etc. wedding for our All-Day Coverage Package (Including High Resolution Photo DVD or jump drive) plus airfare & 2 nights lodging. (And since we'll be there anyway, we will capture all other wedding week activities, as well)  Easy now, form a line, first come, first served---read---don't make me beg.

Watch for our K.I.S.S. post soon!  We've been on a booking frenzy, but still have some Summer Saturday's available. Inquire within.   STORIESPhotographyLLC  ---  It's a g-mail account so add that after the LLC and don't forget the dot com.
Didn't want to post e-mail address in order--because of the whole fishing thing. Wink wink!

Also, call or text your wedding date and an e-mail address to 2312062781 (U.S. country code is 01) for instant availability, a PDF of pricing and packages, and a $500 off coupon (continental USA weddings only) to fill ours and save your date!  

STORIES Photography photos in Belle Inspiration article above are the single photo spread pages.  
The collages are courtesy of Savvy City Farmer ~ Mother of the Bride. Enjoy!
To order Belle Inspiration click here.   There are tons more lovely and inspiring photographs and stories in the full edition.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  Becasue ... everyone has a story to tell.



A warm and enthusiastic welcome to readers from Belle Inspiration Magazine  Check back later today for our newest post.  
"Keep It Simple, Silly" featuring our popular TTFPV list. 
(top ten from photographer's viewpoint) 
You're gonna love this.

In the meantime, pour yourselves another cup of coffee, green tea, hot chocolate, or cabernet (hey, c'mon it's evening in Paris, right?) and browse through our 2006~2011 portfolio from historic Mackinac Island to the Ireland coast, with over 45 full wedding day stories. (Engagement stories, included)

Happy February!

Our Complete Wedding Day Photography Package 
plus the cost of airline ticket & 2 nights lodging and we'll shoot abroad  
IN, MI, & IL no travel fees, rest of continental US our complete package plus $295.

RELAX, we've got you captured.