Much Ado About Weddings

Weddings are kinda like stage plays, are they not? Maybe the one tiny difference is that stage plays do not usually open and close on the same night. Weddings do.

Yesterday on STORIES Photography sister site;  Grey Barn Occasions Facebook  we asked you to name the first thing wedding couples should do after getting engaged.

1.  Change your status on Facebook
2.  Secure a venue
3.  Set the budget
4.  Work on the guest list
5.  Invite friends to be in your wedding party
6.  Attend a bridal show
7.  Hire a wedding planner

Can we talk, because money talks?

We understand that money isn't everything, but to be fair to everyone, no matter who is footing the bill, the budget is your number one priority in wedding planning.  Figure it out... if mom and dad say they'll throw the wedding, get a figure from them.  If bride and groom are going to pay, calculate how much each can contribute monthly, and how much time you have to save the dough.  See, the budget will even weigh heavily on your wedding date.  If mom, dad, bride, and groom can't seem to swing for everything, call in the grooms family for reinforcements.  Everyone doesn't have to agree on every detail, except the bottom line.

According to The Knot, the average wedding is $30,000.  You used to be able to buy a small house for that price!  Pretty darn sure you want to get it right.  Grey Barn Occasions helped this wedding day couple go from "before" to "after" on a budget far less than the above average.

So set your ticket price and then get ready for your mid summer night's dream wedding day story.

Act One
  Scene I    Ticket Price
  Scene II   Setting ~ Crew (ceremony ~ reception vendors)

Act Two
  Scene I    Pick theme ~ date
  Scene II  Auditions  Wedding Party ~ Guests

Act Three
  Scene I   Opening Day
  Scene II  Memories

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