Hay Bales & E-mails, It's All In The Details

In the off-season we like to write and post from the photographer's viewpoint.  Hopefully, it will help in your planning and preparations for the big day.  Our Number One Tip remains the same: While planning, grab a yellow legal or iPad and in your mind ... walk through your day in 20 minute increments. Take notes.

For instance, to do a Stop Motion video as seen below... you'll want to tell the florist to have your flowers arrive a couple of hours before pictures start.  At the beginning of the day there is a lot of "down" time for the photographers, and a "Stop Motion" video takes some set-up.  Think about how we got those shoes to "walk" down all those stairs ;-) 
Here's our Top Ten Tips to optimize your photographer

1. If you like all the little details, get your rings, your shoes, and your flowers to the photographer first thing.  We promise to return everything in tact.

2. If you want photos of an undisturbed reception site, hire two photographers and make sure you, your family, or your bridesmaids are NOT the reception decorators.

3. Make your wedding "shot" list for family. Be specific and list the families in order of the timeline and in order of when and where they should gather (obviously, but you'd be surprised).

4. Wedding Party and Family: DO stand with your body straight towards the camera. Sideways is not always more flattering. If you guys are huggers, go ahead and put your arms around each other and then lower them to the waist line ... it helps with jacket pucker!


5.Bridesmaids: Do not lean in and do not lean over.  No one should show more cleavage than the bride. Your bouquet can be used for multiple purposes.

6. Brides: See if your hairdresser and/or make-up team can stop by later in the day and refresh!  Sometimes the weather can wreck havoc on the hair and happy tears still smudge the make-up.

7. Be careful of overwhelming your photographer with too many Pinterest pictures, it can stifle our creativity, we want to capture your day, not monopolize it.

8. If we can have 1 hour with  bride and groom, preferably outside, and hopefully no onlookers, we'll capture the romance.  Act like we're not there and savor the moment. You won't get even 10 minutes alone that day unless you carve it out.

9. Location, location, location.  If you're dressing at your grandmothers family home, you'll want "getting ready" shots.  Bridesmaids and moms should make sure they are in their wedding clothes before helping bride dress.

10. We will follow you around all day, that is why we're there.  If we need you to stop and pose, we'll tell you and FYI-we're lying if we say, "Just one more." Chances are you may be sick of us at the end of the night. But we do our best to capture the essence of your day and the romance between bride and groom. We've been known to hit the dance floor (with camera in tow, of course) We're going to see to it you enjoy the heck outta your day ... so relax, we've got ya captured.

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2nd Day Shoot
Stop Motion Video

2nd Day Shoot
Ask the photographer about including a non-wedding day photo shoot.  This was popular back in the 20th century and featured a cardboard backdrop.

Then the 21st century couples got a hold of it and called it "trash the dress".

We're more inclined to call it the candid, casual, non-stressed, photo op.  Of course, you'll wear your dress, but no need for stiff tuxedos, up-do's, or heavy make-up. Just the two of you and the camera.

Here's where you could include a pinterest vignette, a beautiful countryside or funky cityscape ...

Stop Motion Video:  
Speaking of paying attention to details, we'll set up a camera on a tripod and take pictures all day long at short intervals. It's all about the details and we'll let this video speak for itself.

We're including 2nd Day Shoot & Stop Motion Video in our 2014 "Library Package" 
Check our website for package details. STORIES Photography
Coming Next: A Wedding Story Mad Lib


Picture Show

STORIES Photography 
in association with 
Jennifer Grace Photography
The Picture Show
{Stop Motion}

Book your 2014 with us and receive your very own picture show
Complimentary with weddings booked by January 31, 2014
Includes 2 photographers and all day coverage


Historic Downtown Lafayette Engagement Shoot

We are excited to begin to tell Chris and Kelly's love story through photography. If engagement shoots are a foreshadowing of wedding day. Let me tell you how their day will go:

Beautiful simplicity
Loving laughter
Laid back elegance
Go with the flow faces
Stress free schedules
hence an
Ideal day
With friends and family, 
As they join together for the journey.

Thank you for letting STORIES Photography be a part of May 24, 2014

Lafayette Theatre Engagement Shoot

McCords Candies Photos

Downtown Lafayette Engagement

Historic Courthouse Photos

Historic Cobblestone Street

McCord Candies Shop

Historic Courthouse Lafayette

Lafayette Wedding Photographer

Lafayette Wedding Photographer

Lafayette Engagement Photographs


Because ... Everybody Has A Story To Tell

Julee, from Story Land Farm and STORIES Photography is a born and bred Hoosier, even though she calls Michigan home. She dreams in small town tones but would just as soon live in an Ikea city flat. 

She is looking to tell wedding day stories. Be it through photography, helping brides find their "look" or writing feature articles about unique wedding couples with a story to tell.

Are you from the heartland? Or does your heart simply yearn for the "days-gone-by" simplicity of a rustic  wedding? Talk to her. She is happy to be your pinterest board in the planning stages, your camera eye on wedding day, and/or your wedding day storyteller. (For publishing and/or a hardcover keepsake album)

But that's not all. She will photograph and tell your marketing story. She will come to you and capture your stuff, your shows, your styling, your staging, and your storefronts.  Heck, she'll even write and photograph her story about writing and photographing your story. Her pricing is extremely minimal because she loves to travel, take pictures, and tell stories. Hopefully yours. 

Because ... everybody has a story to tell.