What The Photo?

Now that the 2013 wedding season is getting underway, let's talk candidly about the marriage between the bride, the groom, and their photographer. Ménage à Trois? WTPh?

My title? "What the photo?" originally started out as "What the photographer wants", but it doesn't really matter what the photographer wants, now does it?  It's what YOU want.  Do you know what you want?  We'd like to help you figure it out.

We will also be marrying our photography business to our farm event venture, so our postings will feature a photo from in and around Grey Barn Farm Occasions and Remington, Indiana. Did you know we are only 25 miles from the ever-cultured Purdue University and the historic cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana?  Boiler Up.

indiana barn wedding

May we recommend Jennifer Grace Photography as an Indiana area photographer who will do her darndest to tell your wedding day story in the most unique way. Her talents and personality combined, will capture your day in photographs, to be sure, bu you'll also gain a phriend for life. She wants every photo to be the one you look at over and over and over again. And besides STORIES is her 2nd Photographer and she is STORIES second shooter. So yeah, blatant plug.

indiana farm venue

indiana barn wedding venue

Jennifer Grace and STORIES Photography highly recommend the engagement shoot. We can get to know you, and vice versa, and we can begin to see personalities shine and the romance blossom  through our lens. We'll let these photos tell you why. (Plus, and it's a big plus, these pictures are SOC ~ straight out of camera with no post editing)

Indiana barn wedding venue

indiana farm wedding venue

Top 10 Tips on telling your (our) story through wedding day photographs.

indiana farm wedding venue1.  Less is More. Period. We know you want us to capture the whole day, and we will, but how many pictures of your shoes or the groomsmen socks are you going to frame and hang on your wall?

2.  Get What You Want. We're shooting to capture romance, personalities, and your wedding day story.

3.  Easy On The Posed. If you don't like something we suggest, feel free to say it, and we'll not speak of it again. See Tip #2
indiana wedding venue

4.  Over Easy Edited.  We'll turn a couple of our favorites to black and white, and we have a couple of photoshop actions we like ... but like I said before, we're big big fans of SOC shots.  You hired us for our "good eye" not to spend hours coloring in flowers in a black and white photo.

indiana barn wedding5.  Budget Your Timeline: Give us one hour of your day with just bride and groom and we'll give you romance. If you only have the budget for 6 hours of photography, prioritize. This is where shoes, rings, and 3rd locations get moved down the priority list.

6.  Family Matters: We've got two words for you here: Shot List

7.  Fudge Your Budget:  If you like what you see on our website, give us your photography budget and a list of what you want/need, and we'll give you a quote.  Our packages and prices are suggestions.

indiana barn wedding photography
8.  Interview Us: We'll gladly answer all your interview questions, so ask them. We do Windows. We do iChat. We do skype!

9.  Evaluate Us: We want to know how we did. We can handle the truth.

10. Review Us: If you liked us, would you give us a review? Pretty please.

indiana farm venue

All the photos in this post are straight out of the camera.

indiana farm venue

Can't you just feel the phun from this foto shoot?
Can you pheel the love tonight?
Wouldn't you like to get married on this pharm?

Coming next: The making of Grey Barn Farm. Indiana's newest all-in-one wedding/event venue.


Grey Barn Farm

While all these things can and have been associated with a country or home wedding, we're suggesting you can have a "down home on the farm" wedding with or without them.  We did... check out our new and updated website Story Land Farm ...  Photography and wedding planning dates still 2014. Ring us up.

Myth #1 Country wedding means a red-neck wedding.
If you call dancin' till the cows come home redneck, then so be it.
There's really no quitting time when you're out in the wide open spaces.

Myth #2 Country wedding means a summer wedding.
Notice patio heater in above photo and fall foliage below!

Myth #3 Country wedding means bride wears cowboy boots.
She can, but she doesn't have to.

Myth #4 Country wedding means DIY.
Well, actually this one is kinda true, especially as far as DIY budgets are concerned.
 Grey Barn Farms will do it all over again for your 2014 Wedding.  
We went from tin shed to spectacular in 6 months and under budget.

Myth #5 Country Wedding means casual wedding.
 Although I did change to dark jeans at around 11pm, and this little dapper guy had has pajamas on ... on the dance floor, we clean up pretty nice.  See non-country music video below!

Myth #6 Country Wedding means mason jar decor.
Nonsense! And yes those are original grain sacks made into aprons for our farm supper servers.

Myth #7 Country Wedding means bride or groom was raised on the farm.
Wrong again, but these city mice did get engaged and married at their grandparents' Grey Barn Farm with a little help from their families

Myth #8 Country Wedding means primitive outhouses.
Grey Barn Farms will wheel in VIP trailers with running water, and flushing les toilettes, s'il vous plaît 
Enough said.

Myth #9 Country Wedding means bud light.
If you do have it, it's easly incorporated into decor. Grey Barn Farms uses local and farm labels and we can make a Blue Moon keg display look like it was brewed in the back forty.


Myth #10 Country Wedding means playing country music.
Check out these country boys and girls gettin' down on the farm.

Ring the dinner bell, stock up the frig, we're fixin' to customize a couple of 2014 country weddings, reunions, or happy occasions. At STORIES Photography & Occasions we don't want you to worry 'bout a thing.  Country strong and city savvy. Here's to a few more good years of country weddings. Hopefully yours. Cheers!