Hey 2012 ... Bring It!

Update: 1-12-12 WELCOME, if you've clicked over here from Savvycityfarmer ... I'm her sister and I'm trying to steal her followers. Anyone? :-) 

We, at STORIES Photography and Grey Barn STORIES, hope you had a picture perfect Holiday Season!  
Watch for our New Years's Post; Top Ten To Do List for 2012 Weddings, coming soon.  
Until then may you have a blessed, happy, peaceful, and prosperous new year.  
From our family, to yours!
Photo courtesty of the "point-and-shoot"


Before You Press The Dress

Let's talk "Trash The Dress"... I love the idea, I just don't like the saying.  Who is going to actually "trash" the dress"?  Although we've seen  "after" sessions where the groom  flicked all different colors of paint on the bride with a toothbrush.  Cool look, but yikes.
 STORIES Photography Top Ten FTPV (From The Photographer's Viewpoint) reasons for shooting a "Before You Press The Dress" session.

1.  Our header photo is of three couples (all college friends) that got married within 6 weeks of each other in the summer of 2010.  They decided to do a combined session and we were happy to oblige, especially at sunset on the shores of Lake Michigan.

2.  Just as with our "First Look" we're going to bet the farm that you will love these photos almost, if not more, than wedding day ones, it's just THAT relaxed.

3.  No need to worry about tuxedo's, updo's, or make-up, we're talking relaxed, unwound, and tranquil. Did we say relaxed?

4. What about making a vignette from the wedding theme; an old sofa---antique or retro chairs and setting them up at;  your new place, outside in a garden, up on a hill, at the lake, or on a side street and shoot away?

5.  Or head to that unique location we couldn't fit in on wedding day, your college football stadium, a favorite coffee shop or pizza place, the park where you met, a playground, or the family farm.

6.  Switch it up.  If you got married in the summer ... do an after session in the winter and vice versa.

7.  Weddings are turning into week-ends, we do rehearsals and "day-after" brunches, and/or gift opening sessions.  'Course you're not gonna be in wedding attire on these days, but we bet you'll have on some pretty cool outfits for the occasion.  Did we mention how relaxed you'll be?

8.  Chances are slim to none that you're daughter will wear your dress so let's show it off one more time for the ages.

9.  You'll be tan, after the honeymoon. And relaxed. AND we could shoot the "Thank-You" card photo on this day.

10.  It's intimate.  Just you two and the photographer, and maybe the videographer, or 'round up the gang and  jump into the deep end. 


Details, Details, Details,

You give us those nice bright colors 
You give us the greens of summers 
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah! 
I got a Nikon camera 
I love to take a photograph 
So Mama (and wedding guests) we won't take your Kodachrome away  IF----
You’ll allow us to gently suggest some photography etiquette.

1. Try not to lean out into the center aisle to capture your shot. Or heaven forbid---stand up. We usually have tripods, altar restrictions, and flash issues to work with so we don’t want to zig zag around guests, to get our ceremony shots.

2.    If you come around during wedding party photography we may be using lenses that capture a broad landscape and coming in close may put you in the photo.

3. Please don’t ask the photographer to take one using your camera.  Please.

4. When you see the photographer and videographer fire up their cameras for the electric slide or the cupid shuffle make sure you’re not dancing in front of the bride and groom.

5. If you want a group photo with the bride and groom follow these four simple steps: A. pick a spot B.  gather the group from the bar, bathroom, and dance floor  C. get them posed  D. nab the photographer, groom, and then bride, in that order.

6.     When families are being photographed with small children, it’s ALWAYS a good idea for the adults to keep looking at the camera and smiling, then on the rare occasion when baby stops crying and smiles we’ll shoot the shot and everyone will be happy.  A baby crying in a photo can be somewhat endearing.  Adults making silly faces to get baby to stop crying, not so much.

7. If you want photos from the day, it’s customary to ask for a website to order from. Pick up a business card at the wedding; we’d love to help you shop for pictures.  The bride and groom usually have a honeymoon to go on right after the wedding. 

8. We’ve been paid to capture the shots, it’s your job to help the couple celebrate, and sometimes partying through the lens loses some of the magic.  In the words of John Mayer, “Didn't have a camera by my side this time hoping I would see the world through both my eyes."

9.    Wedding party, MOB, & MOG, should follow the bride and groom’s lead, if they chase seagulls, roll up their pant legs, and wade into the water, go for it.  If they’re hesitant to include the jumping shots it’s all good.  You can jump for joy at your wedding. 

10. Old School photography contracts used to read that no one else was allowed to take pictures during the day.  Oy vay.  Could you imagine the repercussions today?  I guess Kim Kardashian can order no cameras, and no cell phones beyond this point, but most photographers are happy to oblige and love nothing more than documenting every aspect of your day … even guests who can’t help themselves.
You plan it we’ll capture it.  
And speaking of planning, give us a call or text for instant availability and our 2012 package and pricing PDF



Barb & Spider

On a beautiful November morning I stopped by Barb & Spider's to capture a Christmas Card Photo. The past is all a part of the future and Barb and I go waaaay back. Cousin is a significant relative and these guys' strength and character elevate them to "favorite cousin", in my book. God bless.


We Are Family

Our commute to capture the Biddle family measured 1 & 1/2 miles. Lifelong residents and family farmers, from right across the holler, turned into a couple of fun-filled photo shoots. Pleased to help them check "Christmas Card Photos" off their list.


Justin & Lizzie 10.1.11


 Deep in the heart of central Michigan, on a beautiful Autumn day, Lizzie and Justin said "I do" then partied the night away in celebration of their love story. It was a perfect day.