Before You Press The Dress

Let's talk "Trash The Dress"... I love the idea, I just don't like the saying.  Who is going to actually "trash" the dress"?  Although we've seen  "after" sessions where the groom  flicked all different colors of paint on the bride with a toothbrush.  Cool look, but yikes.
 STORIES Photography Top Ten FTPV (From The Photographer's Viewpoint) reasons for shooting a "Before You Press The Dress" session.

1.  Our header photo is of three couples (all college friends) that got married within 6 weeks of each other in the summer of 2010.  They decided to do a combined session and we were happy to oblige, especially at sunset on the shores of Lake Michigan.

2.  Just as with our "First Look" we're going to bet the farm that you will love these photos almost, if not more, than wedding day ones, it's just THAT relaxed.

3.  No need to worry about tuxedo's, updo's, or make-up, we're talking relaxed, unwound, and tranquil. Did we say relaxed?

4. What about making a vignette from the wedding theme; an old sofa---antique or retro chairs and setting them up at;  your new place, outside in a garden, up on a hill, at the lake, or on a side street and shoot away?

5.  Or head to that unique location we couldn't fit in on wedding day, your college football stadium, a favorite coffee shop or pizza place, the park where you met, a playground, or the family farm.

6.  Switch it up.  If you got married in the summer ... do an after session in the winter and vice versa.

7.  Weddings are turning into week-ends, we do rehearsals and "day-after" brunches, and/or gift opening sessions.  'Course you're not gonna be in wedding attire on these days, but we bet you'll have on some pretty cool outfits for the occasion.  Did we mention how relaxed you'll be?

8.  Chances are slim to none that you're daughter will wear your dress so let's show it off one more time for the ages.

9.  You'll be tan, after the honeymoon. And relaxed. AND we could shoot the "Thank-You" card photo on this day.

10.  It's intimate.  Just you two and the photographer, and maybe the videographer, or 'round up the gang and  jump into the deep end. 

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i LOVE ht last picture!