PROP ME UP Subtitle: Lose The Jumping Shots

We love weddings. We love photographs. We love a great story.  So what better business than Wedding Day Stories.
STORIES Photography 10 Ten Hints (strong suggestions) for creating your best wedding day story. From the photographers view point.

1.  Think about what you want your photography stories to say, long after the wedding day.  Talk about it.  Blend bride & groom personalities, then add in a splash of vendor suggestions.  Wedding couple + photographer = Creative Team.
2.  As you pick out colors, cake, and chair covers, also create a theme to weave into your day.  Let your life be your inspiration.  Military, vintage, retro, bicycles, intimate dinner party, water, pianos, University, France, Movies ...
3.  Right here is where you're gonna wanna go overboard ... don't.  A french inspired wedding would be better served with old suitcases rather than Eiffel towers for centerpieces.  Old sheet music as favors for a piano/musical twist, Romantic movie title table names, green ball jars ...
4.  Embrace your day.  No matter what happens on wedding day ... embrace it.  Umbrella's can turn an ordinary photo into the money shot.  Wind can transform the veil and dress.  (It can also wreck havoc so order the sides for your tent)
5.  Sunglasses are a fun prop ... but everybody's doing it so get creative, go retro, go big or go home.
6.  Don't go overboard, there's a fine line between tacky and almost tacky.
7.  If your gifts to wedding party are funky or chunky, socks or jewelry, make sure to notify the photographer, we'd hate to miss those argyles.
8.  Ask your photographer if they have suggestions for proper props ... remember, we've seen it all.
9.  After sessions are becoming extremely popular.  Trash The Dress meets Recreate A Vignette.  Put your dress back on, no up-do's, very little make-up, groom in jeans or khaki's, plant pieces of the day or an antique table with your centerpiece out in the lawn or against your venue backdrop and we promise you'll love every photograph.
10.  Make sure your photographer knows how to tell a great story ... yours!

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