First Look

Debating a First Look ? Let STORIES Photography talk you into one.

1. It's Intimate    
There will be a ton of “firsts” on wedding day.  Take this opportunity to see each other for the first time  as bride and groom and begin your day as it should be ~ together.

2. It's Memorable    
We’ll fade into the background (of course, we’ll keep shooting) you two can whisper sweet nothings to each other and we’ll capture the romance, trust us.

3. It's Time-saving    
Now let’s get practical.  Without a First Look, every single family or bridal party photograph, before the ceremony, is going to be missing the Mr. or the Mrs. and therefore become somewhat obsolete, immediately following the ceremony.

4. It's Nerve Calming    
At STORIES Photography we will be fixin' to talk all wedding couples into a First Look. We succeed about 95% of the time.  We're runnin' right at 100% testimony to the First Look  tradition calming both bride and groom nerves.

5. It's a Photographer’s Dream  
Of course, we want the $ shot.  But what we really want is to capture your personalities and not a worried brow or one eye watching a clock that doesn’t stop ticking all day.

6. It's a Guest Pleaser    
If wedding party, bridesmaid, groomsmen, family shots are done by ceremony time the guest waiting time becomes minimal.

7. It's Refreshing    
After a First Look there’s always a quick opportunity to refresh make-up, fix the hair, or grab a beverage.

8. It's One Day Only     
Your wedding day is only so long.  If you don’t have a First Look and you  have an afternoon ceremony---wedding day can morph quickly into wedding  evening, and before you know it … it’s over.

9. It's Conducive    
Grandma’s & Children will always do better with photographs when they’re not thinking about eating and napping.

10. It's Intimate    
 Did we already say this? We can’t stress it enough. Team up early and give yourselves the gift of first look, first kiss, first promises, first “I’ll always love you,’s” Then  attack  enjoy the rest of your day … together.

As strongly as we believe in the First Look, it’s your call.  No worries, if you decide not to “see” each other beforehand.We’ll still do our darndest to capture both bride and groom at the ceremony first look, because we know happy bride and groom = one more happy wedding day story.

Want your knees to go weak twice in one day?  Go with the "First Look" and "Ceremony Look"

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cityfarmer said...

I see reasons for both.
It's such a personal thing ... Mom's have to stay out of it ...
at least this Mom did ...

the faces above tell all