Ryan & Lori 9.17.11

The napkins said it best ... but since this is from the photographer's view point we wanted to share a sneak peek into one of the most beautiful wedding day stories we've had the privilege to capture.  I managed to keep shooting, but my heart listened to the ceremony like these two people and their families were my own.

I whispered Amen out loud and hopefully shouted a silent hallelujah.

Hiding behind my camera, I found myself following the guests down the aisle to lay hands on the couple.  My shutter cadence echoed in the trees as collectively the vows, and an occasional horse whinnie, ascended with the prayers.

The testimony Ryan and Lori's day pointed to their God and leaves no doubt in my mind that these guys will make it to "ever after."

As the September sun warmed the afternoon, and if there is such a thing as a God honoring fairy tale, it happened yesterday in a sleepy hollow just outside West Lafayette.

****Be sure to scroll to the bottom and see our first attempt at "Stop" Motion Photography.
Jennifer Grace Photography 

Lori and Ryan from Jennifer Schmid on Vimeo.

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