Fresh on the heals of planning and implementing our farm wedding, STORIES Photography is already thinking ahead to the bridal show season.  We'll see you at the Lafayette Theatre Bridal Showcase on 11.11.12 with Jennifer Grace Photography, inquire within.

Your Fiance's Ex Shows Up Uninvited
Photo: The Knot
Are these the kind of problems today's bride is facing? I think not, Knot.

After compiling this summer's portfolio and finishing up our 9.8.12 and 11.17.12 weddings, we will continue our FTPVP (From The Photographer's Viewpoint) series, and the top ten categories we'll cover are:

1.  Timelines
2.  Budgets
3.  Guest Lists
4.  Theme Weddings
5.  Decor
6.  The Professionals
7.  Home Weddings
8.  DIY & Pinterest
9.  Wedding Rules No More
10. Stress Etiquette (oxymoron)
Photo: Jennifer Grace

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do I see seminars in yor future?