Eclectic Wedding Trends

As you can well imagine, we peruse a ton of wedding blogs, photography wedding sites, and rustic venue pins.

In no paticular order, we are randomly throwing a top ten list together of a few of our favorite things:

1. Bowties

2. Food Trucks

3. Stop motion photography

4. Late night treats

5. Creative Dance Floor Options ... mainly outdoor and checkered floors

6. Guest participation, unique ceremony seating, join hands and form a circle to pray over couple, sing the doxology or say the Lord's prayer.

7. Welcome packets and/or a Thursday night ice-breaker get-together

8. #'s for ALL photos

9. Everything old is new again, If you feel that vintage has been overdone why don't you give retro a whirl?

10. A basket for iPhones, live in real time for a spell and on the other hand what about a live stream?

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