Born In The Barn Photo Shoot

You know what they say, don't you?
"Every picture tells a story, and everybody has a story to tell!"
Will travel to your shop ... market ... festival and will leave you with 52 high resolution photographs. Make your Facebook updates stand out once a week for a year.
You know what else they say? "iPhones don't always tell the best story!"

Photography and Collage Sampling
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Barn Sale Popup Sale Markets

Blue's Clues

Born to be blue

My blue heaven

Blue moon

Baby's got the blues

Bluebirds in springtime

Pink eye

Pink lemonade

Pink panther


Pinkie swear

Pink elephant

Pretty in pink

Green machine

John Deere green

Green mile

Going green

Seein' green


Grass is always greener

Paint the town red

Red letter day

Caught red handed

Red tape

Beet red

I'm a red necked woman

Tin can

Tin man

One tin soldier

Rin tin tin

Rain on a tin roof

Heavy metal

White on white

Black and white

She wore white

White noise

White out

Little white lies

What can brown do for you

Brown eyed girl

How now brown cow

Unsinkable molly brown

Good grief charlie brown

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