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The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How Much of Wedding Photography.

Who? should photograph your wedding?  Let's face it, in this digital age, put a girl in a pretty dress, point and shoot and voila, you have wedding photography. Not so fast, if you're going to have a friend take your wedding pictures, make darn sure that friend is a wedding photographer. Enough said?  I have some stories if you want to hear them?

What? to expect from your wedding photographer? Ask your photographer a gazillion questions and expect them to do the same.  If a photographer can only talk about other weddings they've done,  or show you their money shots (ask to see complete wedding galleries), chances are they'll be  on a portfolio building mission on your wedding day. We don't over pose, because we are concentrating on telling a story through our lens.  We want the photographs to show your personalities. We want each picture to be the one you look at over and over again.
Northwest Indiana STORIES Wedding Photography

Where? should we take pictures? Of course, we'll have ideas and scout out some surrounding photo ops, but remember we want to tell YOUR story, so you may need to think about the following when venue shopping. Drop ceilings,  fluorescent, stage lighting, windowless rooms, direct sun, conference and sunday school rooms, do not picture perfect wedding photos make.
Northwest Indiana Wedding PHotographer
Making the most of a day care bridal dressing room

Northwest Indiana Wedding PHotographer
Finding the nearby photo op's

Northwest Indiana Wedding PHotographer
Finding the nearby photo op's

When? should we begin the pictures? Once wedding day begins to flow, it's a locomotive.  The early bird gets the best shots.  Take the early hair salon appointment. Have the "first look". Do family before the ceremony wedding party after.   We'd be tempted to shoot your wedding at cost if you'd schedule a "dawn" first look. We are stubborn enough (and experience counts here) to ask for a good 20-45 minutes with just wedding couple and photographer, with no onlookers.  Once again, we have horror stories to tell.
Central Michigan Wedding Photography
First Look Photo

Northwest Indiana Wedding Photographer
First Look Photo
Northwest Indiana Wedding Photographer
Time alone on wedding day

Why? because we like you--said in our best Mickey Mouse Club voice ... wait, if you're just now getting married you probably didn't watch that show--- anyway ... we begin to think about your wedding day the moment we meet you. We communicate with you throughout your planning stages. We consult on theme weddings, timeline, props, and posture.   We mark off your shot list. We don't need to be put on dinner count, but we do need a place to sit and we've been known to hit the dance floor ... with camera in hand, of course.
Northwest Indiana Wedding Photography

Not taken with a throw-a-way camera
How? much should you pay a wedding photographer and how many pictures should they take. Of course,  fees will depends on numerous variables the most of which is your budget. We try hard to work within most budgets and we include two photographers,  high resolution photo dvd with copyright,  engagement session, photo album and post editing.   But when you stop and think about it, our final product--your wedding day story in photographs;  Priceless.

We will work within most wedding couples photography budgets and the first thing we'll consider in off-setting our price is non-summer Saturday weddings. If you are from Little Big Town Indiana* we want you! Wedding season vendor shopping is now open and we're looking to find:

Some new wedding couples
Something old or downtown, or main street, out of doors, or out of the box venues 
Something blue or red brick or grey barn or argyle socks
Something borrowed, such as a family farm, a cornfield, a home wedding 

NW Chicago Suburbs Wedding PhotographyExploration Acres Wedding Photography

NW Chicago Suburbs Wedding Photography
Northwest Indiana Wedding PhotographyNorthwest Indiana Wedding Photography

* We also travel outside Indiana for nominal travel expenses and we consider destination weddings a mini-vacation (we'll photograph, rehearsal, pre & post day wedding activities), so let's talkDestination STORIES Wedding Photography

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