If I Could Save Time In A Bottle

Top Ten Tips (AKP) Ask The Photographer

Today's lesson will be on timelines.
Indiana Wedding PhotographyLet's think this through.  This is your one and only day to capture the magic.  Get  Notes up on your iPad, or go old school and grab a legal pad. Start at the beginning of your day (even rehearsal day) and walk through every 15 minutes - 1/2 hour. Talk out loud. Take notes. Do this every month during wedding prep season. And ramp it up to every other day or so as the countdown turns to days instead of weeks. Then, on wedding day the important things will surface and the mind rehearsals will pay off big time. 

Well, ya can't ya know ... save time in a bottle, that is. So now, a word on timelines:

1.   Have them.  2. Stick to them.

Indiana Wedding Photography

3.   Make sure everyone has a copy ... especially the groomsmen.

Indiana Wedding Photography
4.   Adjust them accordingly, but  if you do adjust them make sure everyone has the updated versions ... especially the groomsmen.

Indiana Wedding Photography5.   Time saving tip: Give your photographer some pinterest photos of shots you'd like them to capture, especially wedding party shots.  When it's wedding party photo time, we can hold the photo up and show wedding party participants exactly what to do and how to pose for the shot ... especially the groomsmen.
Indiana Wedding Photography

6.    Bride and groom: always stay focused on each other ... all day. We've found the natural and romantic shots actually happen in the moment right before or right after a posed shot. This is true ESPECIALLY during the first look. In all reality, this may be your only 15 minutes  the two of you can steal all day.  Take advantage of it. Forget about the crowd in the background ... especially the groomsmen. Forget about the photographer and videographer. Forget about everything, except each other.  When we've felt you've had your moments (we'll be shooting off in the background) then we'll start directing traffic ... "look at each other, kiss, look at us, etc. etc"
7.   Hire the 2nd photographer.  Timelines are just that, timelines. And a photographer is just that, a photographer.  It's super hard to be in two places at once. We try as hard as we can to never shoot a wedding alone. It's simply too risky. Even with an assistant, it's hard to gather the families, fluff the dress, pose rings and shoes, shoot the shot list, ride the party bus, coral wedding party ... especially the groomsmen, and drive our car, all at the same time. 
Chicago Suburbs Wedding Photography

8.   Don't ever not give us a "shot" list. (Forgive  the double negative, but we live and breathe on wedding day by the shot list)  A good working rule: Let your timeline drive your shot list.  In fact, we think shot lists are so important we'll have a Top 10 for them soon! Give us that list and we'll do our darndest to shoot everyone ... especially the groomsmen.
Muskegon Michigan Wedding Photography

9.   A word to the groomsmen ... We realize we've been a little hard on you in this post. We love you to death, and we'll for sure take the blame if you feel a bit pushed around on wedding day.   It's a give and take kinda thing between the photographers and the groomsmen.  You give us your undivided attention during the day and we'll cut you loose for the reception. Deal?
Muskegon Michigan Wedding Photography
10.   Timeline recap: Have them and stick to them, but first and foremost, and the headline of every timeline should read,  "Enjoy your day!!!" We ALWAYS frame our shots with your personalities  and the romance of your day in our minds.  We concentrate on the two of you.  We want every picture to be the one you look at over and over again.  If that means going with the flow, we'll do just that. We aren't there to work on our portfolio.  You set the pace of the day and our photographs will become your keepsakes. 

Relax! We've got you captured.

 Indiana wedding photographer

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