Photographer's View ~ After The Show

Top Ten Tips ~ After The Bridal Show
Remember: From the photographer's view

 1.   If you haven’t already, set a budget for each category--venue, photography, caterer,etc. Just do it.  Go through some of the material and base your budget on the average, and/or how important that wedding category is to your dream wedding. And then see Tip #8

 2.   We’re all about saving trees but do go ahead and throw or give away vendor material that you’ve got covered.  No use jamming more stuff into that bridal notebook.  List  the vendor categories in a  “day of” timeline and importance.  Get the biggies taken care of first.

 3.   Sit down, preferably as a couple, and make some decisions on who you gonna call.  {Insert ghostbuster theme music here}  Seriously, whose photographs evoked your emotions?  What cake melted in your mouth?  Do you want to make your own playlist or hire the comedian DJ?

 4.   Split up the responsibility.  If the groom really really liked a vendor give him that info and let him run with it.

 5.   Get the rest of the family(s) involved here.  Not so much Tips #1-4 but here, especially if they’re writing checks. Talk openly about $.  If you absolutely LOVED a  pricey DJ ask the groom’s family to kick in the extra.

 6.   Rob peter to pay paul.  If you can’t live without chair covers, discuss losing the stuffed mushrooms.

 7.   Narrow each category down to two.  Start by e-mailing each vendor the same questions so you can compare apples to apples.  Then move to phone conversations … you can get a lot done with these two forms of communication. Maybe even consider 'skyping' a vendor meeting, then at your pre-wedding consultation you can jump right into turning your 'dream wedding' into reality.

 8.  Take 'dream wedding' out of your vocabulary and replace it with Wedding Day Story…what do you want to show and tell your children about your wedding day?  Every wedding will tell a story.  Embrace it.

 9.   Do not stress out about anything.  It’s simply not worth it.

10.   #10 is actually from the Official Vendor Category Rule Book.  It's true.
         A. Have enough ... and decorate the port-a-potties.  This is key folks. 
         B. Hire the Videographer … your kids will thank you. 
         C. Thinking about letting the DJ take requests?  
              You will end up doing the chicken dance. 
         D. If you are gonna have a friend take the pictures... 
              ...make darn sure the friend is a photographer. 

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