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Indiana Wedding Photography
Do you long for the industry giants to pay a bit more attention to small town and budget minded brides?

Simple DIY and cost effective ideas with creative suggestions, would sell on pinterest, don't ya think.  We'll see, I'm heading there as soon as I post this.

I confess, I will watch the January Bachelor Wedding and hope against hope Sean and Catherine throw a simple, doable affair which could be repeated by mere humans, but I'm not holding my breath.

How much is too much to spend on a wedding?

If I wasn't a wedding photographer, I'd jump into helping the DIYer bride and groom - plan, implement, and throw a reasonably priced shindig the likes of which you and ever other bride on pinterest has ever seen.

In the meantime, take a look at some 2014 trends ~ From The Photographer's Viewpoint, of course.
Indiana wedding photographer

1.   Venues: Farm, Barn, Charm, Rustic, Outdoor,  and 1-2 hr mini-destination weddings

2.   Look and Feel: This is so subjective, we'll help you with "Themes" but the main thing here is keeping it simple and cohesive.

3.   Wedding Clothes: Suits, bowties, barefoot, flats, sleeves, straps, polka dots and prints

Indiana Wedding Photography
4.   In lieu of flowers:
Fruits, vegetables, herbs, sticks, tree branches

5.  Clergy   Instead of a friend taking your pictures: have one become ordained and perform your ceremony

6.  One Stop Shopping: All in one venues = happier guests, and better use of photography time!

7.   Variety: Grooms cakes.  food trucks, guest lounges, week-end festivities.
Indiana Wedding Photography

8.   Photo/Video: Stop Motion Photography, Video Save-The-Dates,   Two and even three team photography: a must-have for stopmotion - check out our version below.

9.   KISS Don't forget to keep it simple, snappy, and savvy.  No need for ceremony decorations with green trees and haybales.

Indiana Wedding Photography

10. Trending     If it's old-fashioned or over used, put your spin on it. If you love calla lillie's, mix 'em in with john deere green.  Go ahead and smash the cake all over the place, your kids will thank you, some day.
After all, it's YOUR day.

Indiana Wedding Photography

STORIES Photography wants to know:

Were you moved at the ceremony, did you have a tasty meal, and did you dance all evening?  If you answered yes to those 3 questions, then it doesn't matter what the guest book, card holder, or chair covers looked like. On the other hand, we want every photo to be the one you look at over and over again.
Julee @ STORIES Photography

Stop Motion Video

Indiana Wedding PhotographyWe do not believe the outdoor, farm, rustic, barn wedding is going anywhere, anytime soon. But we'd love to help you with your story, whether it be small town, or urban, intimate gathering or big shindig,  we'll make sure you get the look and feel you want. In fact, follow us on Twitter, "Like" us on facebook and keep this blog in your favorites, especially if you want help with the preplanning and timelines for your photography story (included in our "Library" package. We have 2014 summer Saturdays available and we're 1/2 way between Chicago and Indy. We do not charge travel fees for either city or Indiana wedding photography.

We'll be at the Midwest Rentals Bridal Affair  on Saturday and Sunday January 11 & 12, 2014. West Lafayette, IN. What story do you want to tell through your wedding day photographs? Because ... everybody has a story to tell.

Relax, we've got ya captured.

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