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THANK YOU TO Midwest Rentals Bridal Affair for a successful 2 days of talking with awesome Lafayette, Indiana and surrounding area wedding couples.  Check your e-mails this week-end! 
OFFERING "Off-Season" pricing for your summer wedding until Feb 4, 2014
You don't have to book by then just call, text, or e-mail us and we'll give you OFFSEASON coupon.

Photography Booths ~ For this discussion, we're talking about the kind at the bridal show, but STORIES Photography offers a guest photo lounge with our "Library" package. Guest pictures on gallery by midnight on wedding day!

1.  Look at our pictures.
Don't worry so much about making conversation with us, or listening to our pitch.  Make sure our style matches what you're looking for in wedding photography and the best way to do that is to look, really look, at the photographs.

2.  Ask questions.
Ask how long we've been in business.  Ask if we carry back-up equipment.  Ask if we're available on your date.  Ask if we have fun shooting weddings.  Ask if we copyright release our photos.  Ask us if we have discounts on Sunday - Friday weddings.  Ask us anything, but don't forget Tip #1 ... Look at our pictures.

3. Tell us your story.
How'd you meet? Outdoor or indoor wedding? Big or small?  Formal or intimate? Story behind your venue? Tell us what you would like your wedding to be all about, but don't forget Tip #1... Look at our pictures.
4.  Set up an appointment.
If you look at our pictures and like what you see, book us on the spot or at the least, set up an appointment to talk further with us.  STORIES Photography will hold consultations directly after bridal show to save you another day of appointments.

5.  Look at our pictures.
Seriously, folks, this is KEY.  You'd be surprised how many people come by and enter a drawing or fill up their bridal bingo card, and don't even--I've said it before--look at our pictures.

Bridal Booths In General

6.  Don't stop if you've got it covered. 
Unless, of course, you already have your caterer, but need sustenance to keep you going.

7.  Don't book on the spot.
I know I said the exact opposite in Tip #4, but photographers and venues are the first to go, so book away especially if you're worried about losing your date.

8.  A word about give-a-ways.
Vendor "drawings" are our sneaky way of getting your e-mail/phone number.  If you are very, very interested in our services put some stars * * * * * and exclamation points ! ! ! ! ! by your name and write "Call Me"  on you entry form.

9.  Concentrate on the biggies.  
PHOTOS, FILM, FOOD, FUN.  You want the memories forever on film, and your guests want good food and fun.  If your photographer doesn't like videographers ... think again.  At STORIES Photography we're too busy to break, so no need to put us on the caterer's count. Plus, we've been known to hit the dance floor. (With camera in hand, of course)

10.  Look at our pictures!
Pictures are worth a 1000 words.  If a vendor does not have pictures of their work ... run don't walk, past their booth.  If they do have pictures ... make sure to look at the pictures.

STORIES Photography would love to meet you ~

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